2010.07.08 The Inbetween

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In my setting, the Inbetween is a magical jail that holds the Condemned or crime-breakers from the Realm of magic. This place is kind of a setting within a setting; the Condemned are captured and then contained within a dimension that’s hidden within walls of stone in our world Above.

The walls need to be maintained and monitored by the Oathkeepers which act as the police of the Realm. Otherwise, there’s a good chance that the Condemned will escape if the wall starts to break down.

Since many of these walls are hidden in the world Above, there’s always a slight possibility that the walls could break down and release one of the Condemned back into the world. One of the side effects of being in the Inbetween, however, is that the dimension will slowly siphon the life right out of any creature or being that is trapped within it. It is, in short, a place of living death. The punishment for breaking an Oath is severe and almost barbaric in the Realm, because the laws haven’t changed in ages.

Faces in the InbetweenNot sure if you see what I see, but here I saw several faces in the rock. (This is a picture I took of a cliff from one of our State parks.) These faces reminded me of scenes from a few 80s movies like NEVERENDING STORY and LABYRINTH where there were beings that spoke from the rock. I imagined that when a wall started to break down, you could see some of the Condemned trying to break free from their prison.

My process for creating the Inbetween is actually mired in myth. Do you know the story behind the Great Wall of China and why it wasn’t built in a straight line? I liked the idea of a wall keeping evil forces at bay. In my case, it’s pretty literal. Also, since there’s a lot of ancient stone walls around the world, I thought that concept would be a good fit for the setting since I’m thinking about it on a global level.

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