2010.07.11 Setting Music to the Trailer

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Today I had a meeting with the composer for the music to THE QUEEN OF CROWS promotional trailer. The first thing we did was listen to various sounds and whatnot to decide what the feel of the music should be. Did I want the composition to be dramatic and tense or smooth and understated? Did I want an authentic, Native American feel or an inspired take on the music?

We decided that an inspired, more dramatic and textured take on the music was the way to go. We were both able to find some sound effects (Yes, that’s right! I said sound effects!) that will work well with the images and clips in the trailer. While I wanted the music to give you a Native American feel, I felt that it wouldn’t be a good idea to go the historical route for several reasons. First, it’s next to impossible to find open license Native American chants. Even if I was able to find one, I would want to ensure that it was from the Diné or Navajo. Second, the trailer was designed with the horror elements of the story in mind. Even though my work was inspired by a real event, it’s entirely a work of fiction. I felt that it was better to be creative and go that route than confuse people.

With those points addressed, we figured out the visual high and low points of the trailer so he could write the music to evoke certain emotions. For example, there’s a short intro period for the trailer before you get to the title. After the title, he then switches moods to build up to the next marker.

This entire process has been extremely rewarding for me, because I have a better understanding of music is scored to a visual medium. It was also great to hear that he was impressed with the trailer, since I’m pretty much doing everything on a low budget using Windows Movie Maker. For me, I believe the end product will be really striking because the music adds a layer of complexity and depth that I’ve never even heard before.

Sounds like we’ll be working out the timing and whatnot yet this week, so I hope to share this with you soon. I love to collaborate with other artists and this has been a lot of fun, because we each bring different ideas to the table and I’m able to rely on this particular composer’s strengths.

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