And now for a few announcements…

August 2nd, 2010 · 9:14 am @   -  No Comments

This week, I announced on Facebook that I no longer work full-time and am exploring a legion of opportunities as I look for a full-time position. There’s a lot of options on the table, but I do need to figure out logistics, accounting, etc. You know, the “fun” grown-up part.

I’m also excited to share with you that I’m on the design team for the HACK/SLASH card game which is based on the horror comic by Tim Seeley. (You can read my post about my role as a developer on the HACK/SLASH card game on my blog. Led by Matt Papa, our team includes: James Lowder, M Alexander Jurkat and me!

In addition to the wheels spinning mightily, I’m having a “big think” about things like assets versus services, misconceptions, etc. If you haven’t visited my blog at MLV Writes lately, I’ve been pretty active on the deep thoughts over there. Also, I’ve been starting to post a few kick-ass recipes that people really seem to enjoy. Because eating well is fundamental.

I hope to make some more announcements soon, but there’s a lot of things flying around and I don’t want to say anything until the fairy dust settles.

– M over and out.


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