GenCon and the Crunchy Stuff

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Over the next few weeks I’ll be obsessing about game mechanics and vampires: the good, the bad and the ugly. Matt picked up a new game for me called FORTUNE’S FOOL, which has a mechanic based on tarot cards. Of special interest to me is the chapter on magic “spells,” which ranges from fey magic to wicca. I need to do some more reading, but the use of the word “wiccan magic” makes me a little squigee considering the history of the Wiccan religion doesn’t date back to the Renaissance where the game is played. Yeah, yeah I know it’s a game, but there’s certain things that break my suspension of disbelief when it comes to magic. Feeding into rampant stereotypes is a challenge for me; I think I’ve read enough on the occult and its history to know better. Floofies be gone.

So GenCon and the Writer’s Symposium was a lot of fun although I was politely yelled at for not posting pictures of me as a blonde. It seems that several people didn’t recognize me. I laughed. A lot. (Or rather, I cackled.) What are you all going to do next year when I get that full body tattoo and go as a purple-haired goth? The demo of our HACK/SLASH card game went over very, very well. We broke the game before GenCon and fixed some things; the end result is some language fixes but that’s about it. Matt Papa is an exquisite card and board game designer who will go very, very far in this industry and he’s awesome to work with.

I’m still compiling and sorting through the rest of the conversations in my head. I have had several really positive discussions about what else I might be working on, but I need time to process the high level talks while I focus on writing and designing what I currently have on my desk. There is one project that requires a pitch; if that goes through, I will be drooling over my dice. A lot.

Sadly, I didn’t get the opportunity to game a lot this GenCon but I hope that will change in Vegas. I’m pretty disappointed that I missed Jared’s demo of FREEMARKET for a few reasons. One, the idea of an RPG-in-a-box has been thrown around a lot and I’d love to see something other than D&D exist on that front so that the market can open up. Of the designers that I know, I think there’s a few that can pull that off without getting super complex or wordy. Two, social mechanic FTW!

Jesse (Scoble) and I had a great conversation about gamer awkwardness. I feel like I had that in spades this con, because a lot of people complained I didn’t spend time with them this year. Every time I saw a shiny my attention switched (very enthusiastically, mind you) to something else. The previous month of plotting world domination (e.g. How can I keep sushi in the budget and Sephora while writing) had an impact on my people skills. I have two more cons within the month, and after that I’m going to try not to go into my cave, but this stupid real world crap keeps getting in the way of my creativity. For sanity purposes, I have a non-writing project that I’ll be working on as time permits, but again, that requires solitary confinement. If it’s good, I’ll share it. If it sucks, I won’t.

Part of those thoughts originate from the comment from another author, that I don’t do enough self-promotion.

Yeah…that’s a whole ‘nother conversation…

Anyway, should find out more news today on the money tree front. The one I’ve been planting should be ready to ripen (I hope). Unless there’s a worm. Worms are bad. And typos.

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  1. mythdude

    8 years ago

    Although I didn’t have time to hang out with you at the con, I’m glad you had fun. 🙂 Next year I plan on more panels so I can try something different!

    I wanna see blond pics! :O

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