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Hi my readers,

I have not forgotten about you! I just got back from GenCon: Indy where I spoke on several panels and had a great time.

GenCon this year was a world of difference from last year, partially because instead of running a booth I was on several panels at the Writer’s Symposium. This selection of panels, organized by Jean Rabe was structured so that budding writers and game designers could get the help that they needed on a variety of topics ranging from world-building to their careers. In my opinion, even with my late evenings, I thought that the panels went really well because they were focused and pragmatic. Some of the panelists included authors like: Anton Strout, Pat Rothfuss, Mike Stackpole, John Helfers and Kerrie Hughes, Jean Rabe, Paul Genesse, Jennifer Brozek, Kelly Swails, Chris Pierson and more! –SOURCE: My GenCon: Indy in Review

In addition to having such an awesome experience, I was able to connect with some other authors and talk about “the pitch” to an agent. There’s also quite the interesting opportunity on the horizon for this setting. Darn contracts! Darn non-disclosure agreements! But, like all things in publishing, they’ll take a bit of time to flesh out.

First things first, though. I need to plow through the revisions before I send it out for consideration. Once I’m done and I’m able to start that ball rolling, and I’ll keep you posted on that process, too.

Thanks again for sticking with me!

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