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…which means I’m writing and researching like crazy. Have been sharing some things here and there, but still trying to find that balance between “Hey, do you read books? Wouldn’t you like to read my stories? YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.” sorts of promotions versus “Yes, I do play games. Yes, I read a lot. And yes, I do enjoy life on my planet.”

In other words, sometimes I really despise being online. I need a little sarcastic or dry humor flag icon that I can pop in whenever I’m trying to crack a joke. It’s very, very, very hard to be “funny” when your superpower is impeccably horrid timing. But, right now I’m online for one of four reasons. a) I have the attention span of a cat. SHINY. b) I am using the online Dictionary/Thesaurus c) I am trying to make up for lost “acquiring fans” and “connecting with people” time or d) I am looking for places to submit.

Let’s just say that someone I respect very much yelled at me for not… Crap. How shall I put this? Putting myself before other people. It is infinitely easier for me to say, “Hey, that guy’s an awesome game designer or I read this really great novel.” than to say, “Dude, did you know? I’m awesome and here’s a list of reasons why and you should just deal and worship me I’m your goddess.”

I’d rather be doing laundry. Bleh.

‘Course, there’s people that just don’t care about that sort of a thing now do they? *coughs Sarah Palin *coughs*

Anyway, in the spirit of my spirit I’ve decided to dress up like Lady Gaga for Halloween. Take that for what it is, because don’t you know I’m a-w-e-s-o-m-e?

On that note, I’m going to head back into a river of words. Something is bothering me about one story I’m working on; the cadence is off. Going to try again tomorrow. This other short, though, is cracking me up into tiny pieces. It has cute, fluffy bunnies in it…and does not end well…

(See what I did just there?)

Double bleh + bleh squared = a whole lot of bleh

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  1. belak_krin

    8 years ago

    I am convinced that Self-promotion is the hardest thing in the world. If I right factually about what I do/have done in the last few years it looks something like:

    “M Cunliffe BA(Hons) graduated from the renowned Falmouth College of Arts Illustration course. Works have included Lead Illustrator for Indie RPGs, Advertising for national Print/Web, concept design for several short films, Product design and large scale painting for internationally renowned folk festival, logo design and brand identity for national organisations, publication layout and design for film festivals and short-run information leaflets. Currently working on private commisions and Matte Paintings/FX work for upcoming apocolpytic short film.

    His work is heavily influenced by dark, surrealist themes, combining cinematic lighting and dramatic angles with a sense of symbolism that conveys idea and tone without the need for literal representation.”

    However, if I have to actually promote myself to somebody it ends up a little more like “I’ve done a few projects here and there but haven’t really done much lately, just a few local jobs…”

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