News from the Front: Queen of Crows, Pitches and Revisions

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Hi Folks,

Have a lot of news to share with you, so I’ll try to do this properly.

We have three reviews now for The Queen of Crows and they’re all positive. (If you’re interested, you can read the reviews it has received so far on THE QUEEN OF CROWS page here at We’ve submitted the e-book a few other places for review, so we’re hoping to see a good variety of reviews. Several people have asked or mentioned that they were interested in having a print copy of the work. We’re still checking on several options that would be affordable for you. Due to the layout and the image-intensity, the current base price would be pretty pricey, which is part of the reason why we’re evaluating all of our available options before moving forward.

In terms of getting the e-book out to other retailers, as of right now, no other e-book company can handle what we’ve done. We’ve explored multiple options and with the exception of (who can’t seem to fix their preview problem) larger e-book distribution is next to impossible. Translation? If you have even a passing interest in helping me spread the word about this e-book, I ask that you mention that The Queen of Crows is only available at

Some of you may recall that a few hobby game publishers were interested in publishing a game in this setting. While nothing is set in stone right now, we will be experimenting with an additional product through Flames Rising Press to get the ball rolling. Many of my readers hail from the hobby games industry, which is why I want to offer people the ability to play in this world.

I am also exploring art print options for people to support Leanne Buckley, the artist who worked on Mahochepi’s character portrait. She is doing some additional work for me related to that character, and I hope that we will be able to offer some prints through a Violet War CafePress store. Other artists have utilized CafePress for their prints, so this is not out of the ordinary. I’ve purchased one or two myself and have been pretty happy with the quality.

On the short story front, I have pitched an idea for a new story set in this world. There’s absolutely no guarantee that it will get selected, but if it does, it will be the “first” modern day story for the Violet War. As an aside, I will have a lot of news to share with you about my other stories that will be published this year. Because I don’t want to bombard you with news about my other work, I’ll try to keep those announcements to a minimum.

Last, but not least, I have decided that the novel needs a full rewrite because the memory pieces hinder the story rather than help it, because they interrupt the flow and every piece isn’t relevant to the plot. This was a difficult decision to make, but it is also a necessary one because I want to tell the best story possible. As a result, I will be polishing and releasing free flash fiction for you to read on while I get back to work.

Phew! Well, that’s all the time I have for now. Thanks so much for your support and I hope you find a good (no great) book to read this weekend.



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