On Setting Outlines

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Hi everyone,

After coming back from GenCon, I had a few other people contact me about licensing the Violet War setting for a potential game. I took a break from revisions and started mapping out this very. big. world.

I just stopped.

You see, I really love this story and although I’m pretty excited that there’s an interest in the setting – without the story it’s just a bunch of cool characters and descriptions smushed together in a weird world. The good thing about mapping out the setting, is that it has helped keep the story more focused; that was one of my primary concerns for the later sections of the book.

So…I’m back to revising, polishing, editing and submitting. I want to submit the novel for possible publication before I do anything else with it. Yes, “money” was a consideration and getting something out there for this setting did cross my mind…but this is my first, full-length novel. Normally I write on spec (e.g. I get a contract and the terms spelled out before I write anything down); writing a novel is different because I may never get paid for my efforts. It’s a completely different cycle than I’m used to, but I love writing “big” stories and I want to give it my best shot.

Admittedly Serafina and I have had a rough road, but I feel I owe it to both of us to finish the revisions and start the query process.

So back to work!

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