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At the end of Chapter Three, I stopped posting new chapters for a bit to get some feedback from you, the reader. So far, the most, common remark I’ve gotten through comments and email is that the pacing might be a little off in the beginning, that you have a lot of questions.

I’m now happy to report that I’ve posted through Chapter 6 since then, with new chapter breaks as well. By the end of Chapter 6 you learn:

  • What crime Sophie committed and who helped her do it.
  • Why the other characters have been so evasive toward her, and why so many new characters have been introduced.
  • What Sophie did to her grandmother in her past.
  • What the over-arching plot of the series is.
  • Whether or not William will be brought to justice.
  • What the rules of this magic world are and more…

Here’s the wordcount progress on this novel to give you some scale:

    18434 / 100000 words. 18% done!

That means, by the end of Chapter 7, I will have written a little over one-fifth of the novel. I’ve only begun to introduce the plot of the story, but now that I’ve peeled back more layers about the world and the setting, things are going to heat up very quickly from Chapter 8 on out. As the first book in the series, there’s a lot of “discovery” to explain how magic works, who the Alchemists are, etc. More will be reinforced throughout the novel, but as Sophie is brought up to speed–so are you.

Thanks for sticking with the story, click here to continue reading Argentum.

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