Thank you for taking an interest in the Violet War. The stories told in this setting are connected to a larger plot, which will culminate in a modern-day epic battle between alchemists, mythical beasts, gods, and the innocents caught between them.

The stories below are arranged by the time period they’re set in.

Diary of an Aspiring Alchemist

Diary of an Aspiring AlchemistDiary of an Aspiring Alchemist captures the story of William Sand, a 20-year-old college student who joins a mysterious society of modern-day alchemists called the Order of the Silver Star. Unfortunately for William, he soon finds himself drawn into a deep web of secrets and lies that will challenge his darkest impulses.

Join William as he is quickly forced to choose between unlocking the secrets of alchemy and his own sense of virtue. William is one of the main characters in the upcoming, modern-day war, and this story reveals how he becomes that key figure.

This story is told in first person, and has been released as unedited “real time” journal entries. Each date in this serial work represents a new, raw piece to the story. Diary of an Aspiring Alchemist is available to read for free on This series is ongoing. Set in modern day.

Trigger Warning: This book explores adult themes, but does not include rape.

Mythica d’Argent

Argentum Icon“Mythica D’Argent: Treatise Pertaining to the Mysterious of Silver” will be featured in The Dagon Collection, and will be published by PS Publishing.

The project’s concept and further details are forthcoming. The expected publication date will be sometime in 2018.

The Queen of Crows

Queen of CrowsCentered around a short story entitled “The Queen Of Crows,” this unique title was published early 2010. It was also one of the first enhanced eBooks to hit digital media. A Queen of Crows book trailer was also released on YouTube!, with an original composition by James Semple.

This eBook is the first digital release set in the Violet War. The short story entitled “The Queen of Crows” takes place during the 1860s, and was inspired by the author’s response to a historical event called “The Long Walk.” The plot focuses on the tough decisions that a Navajo elder named “Tse” must make to save his people. Will he summon Mahochepi, the Queen of Crows, without knowing who–or what–she is? Read the story and find out!

Trigger Warning: This horror story explores adult themes, but does not include rape.

The Queen of Crows is available to buy in digital and print on, and has also been released on for the Kindle.