Revisions Update and a Look at 2010

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Hi folks,

In December, I focused on the revisions for ARGENTUM through a December Writing Marathon that I had come up with. December was an extraordinarily busy month for several reasons, including a few additional projects that I did not expect to come up. Even though I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, I was able to come up with way to simplify the story and proceed with the revisions more quickly.

I feel that ARGENTUM’s biggest challenge is “too much world.” At a convention last year, I ran into an author who expressed how much he enjoyed world building. I took an opportunity to read one of his books, to see how that passion reflected in his writing. Truth be told, I had trouble keeping track of who (and what) was in the setting. That didn’t mean that the story wasn’t written well, but for me there was so “much” detail that I got lost in the exploration of the world. To me, this first novel as an ALICE IN WONDERLAND meets THE FUGITIVE tale. In order to keep that pace, some of the characters and the subplots needed to be unraveled.

So how do I go about unraveling them? Reading the story out loud. Seriously. When I write, I hear the words in my head like I’m composing a piece of music. Reading my revisions out loud allow me to find errors faster than on the monitor, and the flow is a lot more comfortable and less stilted, too.

Besides getting the revisions done, I’m also going to be releasing a unique digital product through Flames Rising Press which is set in the Violet War. Before the “birth” of ARGENTUM and the Violet War setting, I wrote a short story entitled THE QUEEN OF CROWS. As milestones go, this particular story is a “big” one, for it was the spark behind this big, big world. Once we get a little closer to the release date, I’ll share with you more information about it.

Also, I want you to know I am looking into different structures for this website. Since my goals for this website has changed, I want the site to “fit” Violet War a little better — especially since I’ll be exploring more about the world with you this year.

As always, thank you for reading. I hope that you are doing well and that you have fallen in love with a great book.


– M

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