Alternate Cover for THE QUEEN OF CROWS

→  December 21st, 2010  →  News & New Releases

Hi everyone, I went ahead and published a new cover for and Barnes and Noble. Thought you might want to check it out. Gotten some positive feedback so far. Be interesting to see if sales pick up.

The Queen of Crows Gets a Plug on an Author’s Site

→  October 21st, 2010  →  News & New Releases

Just wanted to drop by and mention that author Paul Jessup, who is celebrating the release of an illustrated journal called WEREWOLVES!, interviewed me for his website. He’s been very supportive of my e-book THE QUEEN OF CROWS and has had nice things to say about it. Here’s one of the questions he asked me: […]

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→  October 3rd, 2010  →  News & New Releases

As many of you know, I am working on revisions for ARGENTUM and waiting to hear back to see if there’s any interest in a game. I wanted to let you know that I started a monthly newsletter for, which is my author website. The content on my website is more pragmatic and business-focused […]

The Queen of Crows Featured on!

→  September 22nd, 2010  →  News & New Releases

Dear readers, Just wanted to drop by and let you know that a new interview with yours truly went up on I’m pretty happy with the way the interview turned out. One of the questions was about my process for collaboration. Here’s my answer: You know it’s funny but five, even ten years ago, […]

2010.07.11 Setting Music to the Trailer

→  July 12th, 2010  →  News & New Releases

Today I had a meeting with the composer for the music to THE QUEEN OF CROWS promotional trailer. The first thing we did was listen to various sounds and whatnot to decide what the feel of the music should be. Did I want the composition to be dramatic and tense or smooth and understated? Did […]

Design Notes for THE QUEEN OF CROWS at

→  July 6th, 2010  →  News & New Releases posted my design notes for THE QUEEN OF CROWS today. I’m sure you’ve all heard me talk about how important the creation process is before; this diatribe delves into the collaboration and the reason why I offered this e-book to you. Here’s a quote from my notes: One of the primary goals I have […]

2010.07.05 Frickin-Frackin Technological Snafus

→  July 5th, 2010  →  News & New Releases

Finished making the trailer and finding the sound effects for the music today. I decided to go with that “old film” feel as much as I could. Initially, I was going to do a black-and-white silent movie with scrollwork on black panels as the promotional text. It ended up being too hard to see the […]

Back from GenCon

→  August 20th, 2009  →  News & New Releases

Hi my readers, I have not forgotten about you! I just got back from GenCon: Indy where I spoke on several panels and had a great time. GenCon this year was a world of difference from last year, partially because instead of running a booth I was on several panels at the Writer’s Symposium. This […]

Like My Work? Here’s Some Other Published Stories.

→  June 20th, 2009  →  News & New Releases

If you follow @mlvalentine on Twitter, you probably know I’ve been published before. This past week, a horror short story I’ve written was published in an anthology for Pinebox, Texas. Pinebox is kind of a weird place, it’s a little bit like the X-Files meets Twin Peaks. My store is entitled “Pie,” and it’s about […]

Presenting the Book Trailer for Argentum!

→  March 28th, 2009  →  News & New Releases