A Flash of Purple

→  October 10th, 2017  →  Journal

Hello readers, I thought I’d give you a heads up that I’ve been making changes to this website. Exciting news! There are new stories being written and published for the Violet War setting, and you’ll start to see some of them soon. The website is pretty outdated, too, which means I’m exploring a new theme […]

Dear VioletWar.com Readers: A Public Service Announcement

→  September 25th, 2010  →  News & New Releases

Hey everyone, As many of you know, it is very important for me as an author to offer a little bit more about me and my life. Mind you, I’m pretty selective about what I share online, so I decided the best way to share these details would be to import my LiveJournal. Which I […]

Violet War News and Another Review

→  April 12th, 2010  →  News & New Releases

Today, I’d like to share with you a few quick pieces of news about the Violet War. First, author and game designer Jess Hartley reviewed THE QUEEN OF CROWS. In her review, she writes that: Not only is her fiction writing a joy to read, but her research is impeccable, and her autobiographic material presents […]

News from the Front: Queen of Crows, Pitches and Revisions

→  March 26th, 2010  →  News & New Releases

Hi Folks, Have a lot of news to share with you, so I’ll try to do this properly. We have three reviews now for The Queen of Crows and they’re all positive. (If you’re interested, you can read the reviews it has received so far on THE QUEEN OF CROWS page here at VioletWar.com.) We’ve […]

New Website Theme Has Officially Launched!

→  February 25th, 2010  →  News & New Releases

I am pleased to announce that a new website theme for VioletWar.com has officially launched! This site redesign launched in preparation for THE QUEEN OF CROWS, a product that will be available for digital download on March 1st. Set in the Violet War, you can read a short story and its first draft, an in-depth […]

Revisions Update and a Look at 2010

→  January 8th, 2010  →  News & New Releases

Hi folks, In December, I focused on the revisions for ARGENTUM through a December Writing Marathon that I had come up with. December was an extraordinarily busy month for several reasons, including a few additional projects that I did not expect to come up. Even though I didn’t get as much done as I wanted […]

On Setting Outlines

→  September 21st, 2009  →  News & New Releases

Hi everyone, After coming back from GenCon, I had a few other people contact me about licensing the Violet War setting for a potential game. I took a break from revisions and started mapping out this very. big. world. I just stopped. You see, I really love this story and although I’m pretty excited that […]

Back from GenCon

→  August 20th, 2009  →  News & New Releases

Hi my readers, I have not forgotten about you! I just got back from GenCon: Indy where I spoke on several panels and had a great time. GenCon this year was a world of difference from last year, partially because instead of running a booth I was on several panels at the Writer’s Symposium. This […]

Exciting (and Sad) News

→  June 2nd, 2009  →  News & New Releases

Dear Readers, As I mentioned earlier, this has been an experiment for me because I was offering my first draft. What I’ve found first and foremost, is that many readers and reviewers have not taken that into consideration when adding comments or providing me with feedback via email. The book that I’ve offered here is […]

Updates and WisCon!

→  May 23rd, 2009  →  Alchemy News & New Releases

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your support and kindness. I’ve added a few more chapters of my first draft for you to read; Ch. 19 was a bit shorter than I had expected because in 20 I’m plotting a big confrontation. After all, there’s a traitor on the loose… This weekend I’ll be speaking […]