The Time Has Come…

September 24th, 2010 · 4:53 pm @   -  4 Comments

…for me to talk openly about my views on feminism. I have finally figured out a way to express my views, which will be necessary in the coming months. (HINT: Especially before WisCon.)

The short of it, is that I do not like the word “feminist.” My relationship with words is semantic and contextual, just like everyone else, but for me it is very audial. If I can not hear the song in a story, then it does not turn out well. In this case, there are quite a few words that I have a strong negative reaction to including: racist, sexist, fascist, masochist, sadist, etc. Yes, there are positive ones as well like humanist, but the bad outweighs the good for me. (I don’t like humanist, either. I usually describe myself as pro-human.)

So there it is. It’s the “ist” that bothers the hell out of me. I don’t care for feministing, either. Heard that once, and well…let’s just say that there’s an image there, too.

Right now, my solution is to make up a word since there were NO synonyms for the word feminist in my thesaurus.

Femiknight. This word I could get used to. Unless, of course, you have suggestions?

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4 Comments → “The Time Has Come…”

  1. gbsteve

    8 years ago

    You could go with pro-women I guess. I’m happy with feminist although for some reason a lot of women in this country think it’s pejorative. But I think that’s because they don’t know what it means, especially when they say “I’m all for equality but I’m no feminist.”

  2. bar_sinister

    8 years ago

    Femiknight is a pretty cool word.

  3. rarelylynne

    8 years ago

    I keep using the word feminist to describe myself because I think that the definition changes from person to person, and I want to be an example.

    I often modify it with “third-wave” to indicate my place in history, as it were.

    But I went to a women’s college; and I firmly believe that my thoughts, opinions, and work should be valued based upon their content and results, not the fact that I have ovaries.

    When I stop being ignored, discounted, dismissed, or condescended to by people that assume that I don’t know what I’m talking about or what I’m doing, or that assume that I can and should be paid less for the same work, then maybe I’ll find a new term.

    But that day hasn’t come yet.

  4. boymonster

    8 years ago

    I nominate “pro-chick.”

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