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Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for your support and kindness. I’ve added a few more chapters of my first draft for you to read; Ch. 19 was a bit shorter than I had expected because in 20 I’m plotting a big confrontation. After all, there’s a traitor on the loose…

This weekend I’ll be speaking at WisCon, which is a feminist science fiction convention in Madison, Wisconsin. If you’re around for this convention, stop by and say “Hello.” Several great authors and editors will be on hand for you to interact with, get your books signed and tell them how much you enjoy their books.

Don’t forget to support your favorite author and keep reading! Cheers!

My Panels at WisCon 2009

Reinventing the Adventure * Sat 5/23 10:00 – 11:15AM * Capitol A
Moderator: Alex Lamb. Carol F. Emshwiller, John Helfers, P. C. Hodgell, Monica Valentinelli.
The adventure story archetype lies at the heart of both science fiction and fantasy, and is the oldest and arguably most profound literary form in human history. How come contemporary society has ghettoized this art form? Even in science fiction, many authors have shied away from adventure in their desire to be taken seriously. How can we reverse this trend? What does it take to write fiction that’s fast, fun, shamelessly adventurous, and at least as challenging as what passes these days for mainstream lit?

Consistency vs. Variety * Sun 5/24 2:30 – 3:45PM * Capitol B
Moderator: Monica Valentinelli. Lori Devoti, Liz L. Gorinsky, Kelly McCullough
Many writers long to stretch their writing muscles, working in different universes and broadening their scope and depth. Publishers and some elements of the reading public seem to prefer consistency: they like a writer who turns out a series, sometimes effectively the same book over and over again. How does a writer balance their own creative need for variety with the consumers’ desire for consistency?

Birthing a Writer’s Community * Sun 5/24 4:00 – 5:15PM * Conference 4
Moderator: Diane Silver. Stickshift Bear, Nancy Jane Moore, Michelle Murrain, Monica Valentinelli.
There isn’t a writer on earth who doesn’t spend too much time alone, staring at a blank page (or screen). We all need reaction and encouragement from others writers. Add in the struggle of surviving—not to mention retiring—on what may be a small income and the challenges that come with aging, and we’ve got a recipe for innovation. Let’s get together and discuss how to birth a writers community. We’re talking about a brick–and–mortar place that balances private space and time with satisfying contact with other writers and room for public gatherings. Such a community would share financial as well as physical resources. We’ll talk practicalities and share dreams.

Does a Writer Really Need a “Platform?” * Sun 5/24 10:00 – 11:15PM * Conference 4
Moderator: Mary Robinette. F. J. Bergmann, Rich Novotney, Monica Valentinelli
One idea that’s kicking around writers’ websites right now is that writers have to have a “platform”—something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Celebrity writers have built–in platforms; non–celebrities are encouraged to build up a platform with a website, blog, speaking tour, or similar self–promotion vehicle. Is this really necessary? Can’t you just write a damn good book?

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