Violet War News and Another Review

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Today, I’d like to share with you a few quick pieces of news about the Violet War.

First, author and game designer Jess Hartley reviewed THE QUEEN OF CROWS. In her review, she writes that:

Not only is her fiction writing a joy to read, but her research is impeccable, and her autobiographic material presents just the right combination of academia and personal interaction. If Queen of Crows was “just” the short story or the story and the author’s “Inspiration” chapter, it would have been well worth the $4.99 by itself. — SOURCE: Review of THE QUEEN OF CROWS by Jess Hartley

This is now our fifth review for the product. So far, they have all been very positive. We’ve submitted the e-book to a few additional places outside of the gaming industry; in my mind, that will be the true test for this product.

Second, I updated the Twitter background for the Violet War. Primarily, I use this functionality to spread the word about news and other exciting tidbits about the project while I’m working on it. To follow Violet War on Twitter, click here to follow @violetwar.

Last but not least, I added an extensive Glossary. This glossary covers many of the basic elements for the Violet War setting. I should mention that I didn’t disclose everything because really, what’s the fun in that? You have to remember that this world is pretty epic; this is simply an overview of specific terms.

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