New Formats Available for The Queen of Crows

→  November 28th, 2010  →  News & New Releases

Hi everyone, Wanted to drop by and let you know that a black-and-white, low-res version is now available for your Kindle or Nook. The file format is primarily text-based, so we went ahead and dropped the price to $2.99 on both formats. We also decided to offer the full color version on in its […]

Queen of Crows e-Book Only $3.75! Huge Sale at DriveThru Ends Monday

→  July 23rd, 2010  →  News & New Releases

I’m not sure how many of you know about or Did you know that is the world’s largest retailer for digital hobby games? I’ve contributed to a few games within the gaming industry over the years. This industry has been really fun to be a part of and I’m excited for my […]

First Review of THE QUEEN OF CROWS

→  March 16th, 2010  →  News & New Releases

Hi everyone! Have been working, writing and working but wanted to drop by and mention that THE QUEEN OF CROWS has been reviewed by author Janette Dalgliesh. Here’s a quote from the review: Valentinelli gives us a lyrical yet chilling encounter at a crucial point of America‚Äôs history. Can medicine man Tse trust the assurances […]